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Boy Scout Advancement

(Last Updated on June 26, 2012)


(The Scout Badge, Ranks, and Eagle Palms)

Boy Scouts' advancement is organized into "Joining Requirements", six "Ranks"; Tenderfoot, Second Class (2nd Class), First Class (1st Class), Star, Life, and Eagle; and Eagle Palms.

After successfully completing the "Joining Requirements" or "Scout Badge Requirements" a Boy Scout is awarded the Scout Badge. Likewise after successfully completing the requirements for each rank, the scout will receive the appropriate rank badge. The requirements for the Scout Badge, Tenderfoot Badge, Second Class (2nd Class) Badge and First Class (1st Class) Badge may all be worked on at the same time from the moment the scout officially joins a Troop. However, the Star Badge, Life Badge, Eagle Badge and Eagle Palms must be worked on individually after completing all requirements for the previous badge.

While the Eagle Scout Rank is the highest "Rank" attainable in Boy Scouts, BSOA (Boy Scouts of America) has created Eagle Palms which may be earned while a scout holds the rank of Eagle Scout and before his 18th birthday. Each Eagle Palm signifies that an Eagle Scout has earned 5 additional Merit Badges above the Eagle Scout requirement and remained "Active" in his Troop.

Troop 66 tracks scouts' advancement using a program called Troop Master. In order to enter a scout's advancement a spreadsheet must be completed. The spreadsheets are in the Troop Box in each Patrol's folder.  A scout who has a rank requirment signed off should have his Patrol's Scribe update the spreadsheet.  If he is ready for a Scoutmaster conference, he will need to notify our Advancement Chair, Mrs. Jeanine Martin.  Mrs. Martin will inform the Scoutmaster to perform the Scoutmaster review at the next campout (if possible) and also coordinate the Board of Review.  She will submit the completed form to the Charter Organization's Representative, Rodney Smith, to have Troop Master updated.  A Troop Master report will show the rank advancements for the next Court of Honor at which time the scout will receive his rank badge.


Mrs. Jeanine Martin